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2019-11-doc1 Biblioteca Capitolare Verona

For an international insolvency research project I was invatied to Verona. The group of researchers (from Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK) found some time to visit theĀ  Capitolare Library of Verona. It's a famous institution, dating back to the fifth century A.D. and known for the antiquity and preciousness of its manuscripts. It makes the claim of being the most ancient in the field of Latin culture. For lawyers, it is extremely interesting just to see (no touch!) some of the oldest codices, including - going back to around 450 A.D. - the palimpsest Codex 15 (XV) which, unique in the world, contains the Institutions of Gaius. These pre-Justinian Institutes in their origine date back to around 160 A.D. The Bibliotheca was represented by a very well informed English guide. It deserves our respect. Present generations of Latin immersed academics should give their support in preserving the collection and their efforts in continuing to interest future generations. See