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2008-11-doc7 Leiden Honours Class Int'l and Comparative Law 2009


Honours Class: Comparative and International Insolvency Law


Registration open now for students interested to follow these classes from March - June 2009! 


The Honours Class aims to be an extremely enriching academic experience, both for motivated students as well as for the lecturers. For students the classes will offer an in depth insight and overview of central themes in cross-border insolvency. For some of them it will be an excellent preparation for conducting more advanced research within their academic career, e.g. writing the master thesis. Honours Classes are an inspiring experience, as the classes give the opportunity to see close by how principle academic knowledge and practical application are developing. With the finest instructors in the global field students will be challenged to test the limits of their capabilities. In all, our goal is for you to say, in Summer 2009: the Honours Class provided a real look “in the kitchen” or “behind the scenes” of contemporary international insolvency science! See the attached brochure

to learn more about the details of the programme (topics, dates), the lecturers, the organisation of the selection of the Honours Class' participant, which can be either Leiden students or law students or younger academics from outside the Netherlands. honours-class-intl-insolvency-law-brochure-nov-20081 





2008-11-doc5 Aansprakelijkheid met mate voor de bewindvoerder

[The Insolvency Administrator benchmarked against an "imaginary third man"] In de Leidse bundel "De maatman in het burgerlijk recht" verscheen de aangehechte bijdrage. De bron is het BW Krant Jaarboek nr. 24, Deventer: Kluwer 2008, verschenen ter gelegenheid van het gelijknamige symposium dd. 28 november 2008, dat voorafgaat aan de oratie die collega Castermans die namiddag uitspreekt, om 16.15 Academiegebouw Leiden.bewindvoerder-maatmens-final-v

2008-11-doc6 Symposium "Kredietcrisis" 19 december 2008 Leiden

[3 hour seminar on "Credit Crisis" and its implications in the Netherlands]  Zie bijgaande flyer voor een actueel (en goedkoop) seminar over "De Kredietcrisis: hoe de schade te beperken". Gratis toegang voor Leidse studenten en faculteits-medewerkers! kredietcrisis-symposium-leiden-19-12-2008

2008-11-doc2 Austrian judgment re Art. 16 and 26 InsReg

Here is an interesting judgement of the Court of Appeal Innsbruck 8 July 2008, with some short comments.innsbruck-court-8-july-2008

2008-11-doc3 Academic Forum conference 26/27 March 09 in Sussex

After Leiden (June 2008) and Barcelona (Annual conference; October 2008) in March 2009 the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe has its second first-half-year conference in Brighton, at the location of University of Sussex School of Law. See the flyer and the draft programme attached.sussex-conference-flyer-1 interim-conference-schedule