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2012-12-doc7 New Single Market Act II also focuses on insolvency

Early October EU Commissioner Barnier issued the Commissions ideas for addressing the economic crisis. It also contains suggestions to modernise insolvency laws. See my short commentEurofenix Edition 50_Country Reports (2)

2012-12-doc8 Harmonisation of insolvency laws in Europe / Conclusions

I am referring to document 2012-12-doc3. Attached one finds our conclusions.Perspectives on harmonisation of insolvency law in Europe Ch 7

2012-12-doc9 NVRII bespreekt voorgestelde amendering Insolventieverordening

[Study conference on Proposals for amending EU Insolvency Regulation] NVRII organiseert op 26 februari 2013 in Amsterdam een workshop over de door de Commissie voorgestelde wijzigingen van de EU Insolventieverordening (voor documentatie, zie 2012-12-doc6). Zie  Aankondiging NVRII Workshop EIR 26 febr 2012

2012-12-doc6 Proposal for a Regulation to amend the EU Insolvency Regulation 1346/2000


As indicated on my blog 2012-12-doc5, today the European Commission adopted what is called an 'insolvency package', which consists of the proposal to amend the EU Insolvency Regulation, the Report on the application of that Regulation, an Impact Assessment and a Communication on a new European approach on business failure and insolvency. I am only attaching the Proposal for amendment. Proposal for a Reg amending InsReg 1346-2000 1_EN_ACT_part1_v9 (2) 

The press release in all EU languages can be found at the following link


2012-12-doc5 18-19 March ERA Trier conference

One of the first events dealing with the amendments to the EU Insolvency Regulation the European Commission will propose (tomorrow, 12 December 2012) will take place in Trier at the Academy of European Law, see, and for the pesent programme see 113R16_07Dec