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Author and co-author of over thousand articles and around 30 books. For publications in Dutch see below. See for publications in English as follows:

Harmonization of Insolvency Law in Europe, Report for the Dutch Association of Civil Law 2012, Deventer: Kluwer 2012, 135 pp (co-author prof. I.F. Fletcher). See ARCHIVE 2006-2013.

Transnational Insolvency: Global Principles for Cooperation in International Insolvency Cases, Report to the American Law Institute (March 30, 2012, 283 pp.), to be published by the American Law Institute, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Available via, and via, weblog, document 2012-06-doc1 (co-author: prof. I.F. Fletcher).

Insolvency Law, in: Jan M. Smits (ed.), Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, 2nd ed., Edgar Elgar, Cheltenham, UK – Northampton, MA, USA London, 2012, pp. 383-407.

Bob Wessels, International Insolvency Law, Volume 10 in the Dutch series Wessels Insolvency Law, Deventer: Kluwer 2012, 1226 pp.

Bob Wessels, Bruce A. Markell and Jason J. Kilborn, International Cooperation in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Matters, Oxford University Press Inc., New York, 2009, 268 pp.

Bob Wessels, Judicial Coordination of Cross-border Insolvency Cases, Inaugural lecture, University of Leiden Law School, 6 June 2008, Deventer: Kluwer 2008, 47 pp.

Bob Wessels (ed.), Cross-Border Insolvency Law. International Instruments and Commentary, Kluwer Law International, 2007.

Gabriel Moss Q.C. and Bob Wessels (ed.), EU Banking and Insurance Insolvency, Oxford University Press, 2006.

English publications from 2002 – 2004 relating to international insolvency law and reorganization and winding up of credit institutions and insurance undertakings are collected in a book, entitled:
Bob Wessels, ‘Current Topics in International Insolvency Law‘, Kluwer Law Publishers (2004), 612 pp.

A selection of articles published in English since 1994 can be found in:Bob Wessels, Business and Bankruptcy Law in the Netherlands; Selected Essays, Kluwer Law International, The Hague-London-Boston, 1999, 268 pp.


Publications in Dutch

Sole author of Wessels, Insolvency Law (‘Insolventierecht’), a 10 Volume series, since 1999. The third edition has been published between 2010 and 2012:
Part I. Adjudication of Bankruptcy – Faillietverklaring
Part II. Consequences of insolvency, Part I – Gevolgen van faillietverklaring (1)
Part III. Consequences of insolvency, Part II – Gevolgen van faillietverklaring (2)
Part IV. Governance of the Estate – Bestuur en beheer na faillietverklaring
Part V. Allowances of Claims – Verificatie van schuldvorderingen
Part VI. Composition, Private Arrangements – Het akkoord
Part VII. Winding up the estate – Vereffening van de boedel
Part VIII. Postponement of payments, Legal moratorium – Surseance van betaling
Part IX. Debt Rescheduling Natural Persons – Schuldsaneringsregeling natuurlijke personen
Part X. International Insolvency Law – Internationaal insolventierecht
Since 2013 a fourth edition of the series gradually will be published. See my weblog.


The independence of the insolvency administrator – De onafhankelijkheid van de faillissementscurator, Uitgeverij Paris 2013, 111 pp.

Letters of intent, Cahier Privaatrecht, Ars Aequi Libri, Nijmegen 2010, 57 pp.
Specific contracts – Bijzondere overeenkomsten. Studiereeks Burgerlijk recht (2006; 3rd ed. 2013)
Cross-border contract negotiations – Grens-overschrijdende contractsonderhandelingen (2003)
Key Issues of Cross-border Contracting – Aandachtspunten bij international contracteren (2002)
Business acquisition – Bedrijfsovername (1998; 3rd ed. 2009)
Legislation on Sale and Purchase – Koop en verkoop (1997; 3rd ed. 2010)
Subordinated Debts – Achtergestelde vorderingen (1997; 3rd ed. 2013)
Personal Guarantees – Borgtocht (1994)
Drafting Contracts – Contracten maken (1992, 5th ed. 2007)
Transitional Law (loose leaf; 1992-2012) – Overgangsrecht (losbladig; 1992-2012; Groene Serie)
Supplementary Pensions – Aanvullend pensioen (1991)
Franchising – Franchising (1991)
Product Liability – Productenaansprakelijkheid (1991; 3rd ed. 1993)
New Dutch Civil Code in brief – Nieuw Burgerlijk Wetboek in kort bestek (1991; 2nd ed. 1992)
Transitional Law New Civil Code – Overgangsrecht Nieuw Burgerlijk Wetboek (1990; 2nd ed. 1991)
General Contract Conditions – Algemene voorwaarden (1987; 5th ed. 2010)
Dutch Corporate Law in Practice – Vennootschapsrecht in de praktijk (1985)
Gentlemen’s Agreements – Gentlemen’s Agreements (1984)
Foundations and Taxation – Stichting en fiscus (1984; 5th ed. 2002)
Development of Legal Skills – Juridische vaardigheden (1983, 4th ed. 1990)
Agreements with Tax Authorities – Fiscale overeenkomsten (1982)